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10 Reasons to Visit Life Rooted Restaurant

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10 Reasons to Visit Life Rooted Restaurant


Finding an Artisan-style pizzeria that serves Pizza, Sandwiches, Appetizers, Salads, Desserts, Kids (Menu), refreshing Beverages, Coffee, and Lattes all together in a serene, clean and comfortable environment can be a challenge.

The quest for an excellent artisan-style Pizza restaurant is a quest that needs to be on the bucket list of all foodies. Life Rooted Restaurant is a place to be visited, not just for the Pizza, but also to experience a relaxing atmosphere.


Let’s take a look at the 10 delicious reasons it’s time to visit Life Rooted Restaurant.


1. The Life Rooted restaurant was established with one thing in mind, to make delicious Artisan Pizzas. The owners wanted it to be so good that it would change the way people view Pizza.


2. Getting such an incredibly fresh-tasting Pizza is due to the concept of Life Rooted being fresh local ingredients made on site every day and never frozen or pre-made dough like your typical chain pizzerias do. They feature handmade Italian dough, sauces, sides, foods and drinks that are all made in-house daily.


3. Service starts as soon as you walk into the door with friendly faces ready to take care of you and offer up some suggestions. If you have any questions about anything on the menu, they can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, plus give you advice on new dishes you might not have tried before.


4. The restaurant is located in a nice suburban area, and the interior design has lots of plants that create an inviting atmosphere for diners. The staff is very friendly, and they make sure you have a great experience.

The environment at this dining establishment was pleasant due to its colorful decorations, including many indoor plants that complemented the outdoor greenery with their vibrant colors. The ever-present sounds of people chatting and laughing while enjoying the best Artisan Pizza in town, added to the soothing experience. The restaurant provided a great atmosphere that allowed you to be comfortable and enjoy your dining experience. It is one place where you can bring all your friends and family for an excellent relaxing time, as long as they are okay with great Artisan pizza like no other.


5. Knowing they put all their heart and soul into every Pizza dough they make makes them all the more delicious. The artisans behind those doughs have mastered their craft and can crank out an Artisan-style Pizza in no time from scratch!


6. The selection of flavors on the menu is so vast that it’s hard to decide what to choose. On top of having up to 10 gourmet Pizzas, they also offer four signature sandwiches, five different salads styles, you are sure to find something your taste buds would want to try. With all this variety, it almost seems like they could be missing something, but they don’t! They also offer up more than six different appetizers, including Bacon Garlic Fries, Bruschetta, Fiery Agave Wings, Roasted Beets & Roots – to name but a few!


7. After all the Pizza, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers, you might be thinking dessert is not in the cards, but Life Rooted offers berry cobbler made with imported dough from Italy wrapped over fresh berries. Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry-raspberry, topped with vanilla bean ice cream & mint. They also offer fresh-brewed coffee and lattes to help with digestion after all this amazing food. Juices are made daily using whole fruits & vegetables. While natural teas, coffee and hot espressos are served as soon as you order them.


8. Life Rooted is a place where you can come and relax, enjoy some delicious food with friends or co-workers. Life Rooted not only serves amazing, handmade Artisan Pizza, but it’s also a great spot to let your hair down for date night! With the food, service, and atmosphere, you are sure to leave Life Rooted with a smile on your face.


9. This Pizzeria serves food with love and passion, from an intimate dining experience where patrons will surely feel pampered as they indulge in the delicious food served in an elegant setting. Life Rooted will make sure your dining experience becomes a memorable one; the pizzaria is authentic, and tastes are outstanding!


10. The restaurant specializes in artisan style pizza, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, desserts, and more; they are all prepared daily with fresh ingredients. The Pizzeria also provides delicious meals for kids such as grilled cheese or Pasta Marinara to die for and so much more! Definitely a great family place!


With the combination of so many food options for dining at Life Rooted, it’s hard to pick just one thing to go with, but this should help narrow down the decision-making process. If you would like to have a place where the food is fresh, delicious, and made from scratch daily, then Life Rooted is the place for you!

Life Rooted is open 5 days a week from 4pm to 9pm Wednesday through Thursday, and they open from 11am to 9pm on  Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

About Us

Life Rooted Restaurant

Life Rooted Restaurant

Life Rooted is a modern Italian-style pizza restaurant that is located in Burbank, CA. We use only the highest quality ingredients and the freshest vegetables grown locally to make sure consistently delicious artisan pizzas. Come in and try our unique pizzas with a variety of toppings that are sure to satisfy every taste bud. Life Rooted is not only about delicious pizza; we have a variety of sandwiches, appetizers, salads, desserts, kids meals, sides, beverages, coffee and lattes for you to enjoy.


We are temporarily closed.  We are taking this opportunity to renovate the restaurant and to adjust our dining experience to a post COVID life. We will also be updating our menu, bringing in new dishes with new fresh ingredients. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. We hope  to serve you soon.

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Life Rooted

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