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Artisan Pizza – You’re About to Become OBSESSED

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You’re About to Become OBSESSED with Artisan Pizza


Pizza is one of Life’s simplest pleasures. Whether it’s a simple cheese slice or an artisanal pie, we’ve all been guilty of indulging in the Italian-American classic at some point. But what if there was a way to make that pizza even better? Well, there is!

And don’t worry, I’m not talking about “weird” toppings like anchovies on your Margherita (though if that floats your boat, more power to ya!). If you’re looking for something new and inventive with a delicious taste, then read on because you are about to become obsessed with Artisan Pizza.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with an Artisan Pizza place, then congratulations! You are one of the few and fortunate people who have discovered a Pizza like no other. But for those of us not so lucky (or unaware) – fret not! Life Rooted has come to stay with a new online store that offers various artisan pizzas to suit every taste.


Why Artisan Pizza?


Artisan Pizza is widely known for its taste, but that’s not the only reason why you should try it. Artisan pizzas are handmade fresh, using only the highest quality of ingredients. From the special pizza dough, to the made in house sauces, Artisan Pizzas are made from scratch when ordered.


The crust


One thing that will make or break your pizza experience is the dough. Artisan pizzas have hand-crafted, gluten-free crusts, perfect for those who have low-carb diet. And don’t worry if you’re more into traditional-style crusts either because we offer both types on our menu! The most popular options? Thin Crispy Crust and Sourdough Pizza Dough.


Pizza Sauce


No one likes sauceless pizza, so there should be plenty of sauce to go around when creating an artisan dish. Luckily Life Rooted offers a variety of sauces to suit every taste!




Cheese is all about preference, but Life Rooted has plenty of options available! The most popular choice seems to be Mozzarella – which should come as no surprise being the classic option in traditional pizzas – but we offer a variety of other cheeses as well (including vegan). If you’re looking for something a little different, we recommend trying out the taleggio cheese top with basil garnish.




When it comes to toppings, there are so many options!   The most popular topping has been old country pepperoni. But if you’re not into that (or meat), then no worries because Life Rooted offers plenty of other delicious toppings, including vegan-friendly toppings as well.

We boast of over 20 different veggies available, including wild mushrooms, grilled chard leeks, honey drunken sun-dried tomatoes, and beets for those who want to add some color to their pies.

Artisan pizzas are also cooked at high temperature – 550 F. This way, the dough gets nice and crispy on the outside while remaining soft inside. In some lucky cases, when visiting our restaurant, one can actually see the artisan pizza being made by hand.

It’s evident that these features make Artisan Pizza taste much better than regular frozen or even takeout pizzas from some big chain restaurant.


What Makes A Pizza an Artisan Pizza?


The list is long, and it can be pretty hard to find the right restaurant such as Life Rooted, but a good artisan pizza should definitely include:


1. Fresh dough made from natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives


Some prefer to add 00 flour (the best you can buy) while others like to use whole wheat – even if the taste of “00” flour makes the difference. The ingredients in the dough also vary by region and include sunflower seeds, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, etc., but what’s important here is not so much what goes inside as how the dough is kneaded. A great pizza starts when you mix water, salt, and yeast together with your hands on a large wood cutting board (not a counter). That’s the true experience that you can’t get from frozen pizza or any other takeout. This technique is called “Stroppatura,” a process that makes dough elastic and full of bubbles, resulting in an amazing crust.


2. Artisan Pizza also requires top-quality flour


There are many types of wheat available, each with its own taste and consistency, but the best ones are definitely Italian flour coming straight from Italy. Life Rooted Restaurant uses Le 5 Stagioni “00” flour, Le 5 Stagioni mill has over 150 years of history, and it’s the leading brand in Italy for pizza flour. Le 5 Stagioni mill carefully selects the most precious wheat to produce the highest quality flour.


3. Top-quality ingredients (the list is long)


Tomatoes aren’t just tomatoes anymore these days as they’ve been improved after testings done by some scientists a few years back. We can find tomatoes that are sweeter, more acidic, or even better for cooking. But the best ones are farmer’s market tomatoes grown on the local farm and picked early in the morning; a perfect example of what we used at Life Rooted.


4. Real mozzarella cheese


Real mozzarella cheese is handmade using only fresh milk from buffalo raised in Italy and kept for at least 60 days to develop the taste. The best artisan pizza places use also Fior di Latte (fresh Mozzarella made with cow milk) as they say it gives that extra kick of richness that makes a great pizza out of something great.


Join the Movement


Although Artisan Pizza has been available in big cities like San Francisco since a few years back, many more people start joining the movement because they want to experience something special on their plate of food. That’s right! Artisan Pizzas are not just about the taste. It’s also a cultural thing, and if you want to enjoy it, then you need to visit one of these restaurants, such as Life Rooted, who are willing to take the effort to get that real pizza feel.

Artisan Pizza is an innovative new way to make pizza. It’s not just a plate of dough and tomato sauce – it’s so much more. With only over one year in the business, Life Rooted has developed all sorts of delicious recipes for their customers, from vegetarian-friendly options like the delightful vegan pizza to more hearty, meat-based pizzas like the Siciliano Pizza.


Why Life Rooted Pizza?


The best pizzas are the ones that are entirely unique and have a whole new taste. If traditional pizza is getting old, don’t worry!  Life Rooted is a family owned business, and it’s easy to see why we are so popular! We are always finding ways perfect the art of Artisan Pizza by incorporating artisanal ingredients and fresh handmade dough that will blow your mind with flavor. If you’re tired of the same old, boring pizza and looking for something new, then you will love Life Rooted Pizza.


Quality Pizza like no other!


If you really want a perfect Artisan Pizza that uses old country ingredients with locally grown products try to visit Life Rooted. Choose quality over quantity on every level; if it says “Fresh” or “Organic,”… then go for it because what matters is the way your food was made – respect the planet and enjoy healthy living.

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