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What is Artisan Pizza? Life Rooted Restaurant Explains

Chef making an artisan italian pizza, Life Rooted Restaurant

Artisan pizza is unlike any food order you’ve ever placed. This kind of pizza isn’t just a pie. Rather, it’s a masterpiece created out of love and a strong sense of passion and is what we serve our customers; each slice represents hours upon hours of preparation and hard work that goes into creating this delicious meal.

Artisan pizza follows a strict set of rules, recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation to create the perfect pie. Master pizza makers follow the recipe and allow no mistakes or laziness on their part. Some say it’s an art form; others compare it to religion. Whatever way you slice it, the pizza is important and shouldn’t be taken lightly by those who produce this masterpiece.

More Than Your Regular Pizza

While there is an art to creating regular pizza, artisan pizza takes it to the next level. This pizza may not be for everyone; it’s far better than the usual cheese and pepperoni pie you would expect. In fact, artisan pizza is sometimes called “fancy” pizza or gourmet.

Artisan pizza – at its very core – is a complex dish that usually requires a lot of time and effort when making it. It takes more than just tossing your favorite toppings on top of some dough and putting in an oven. While there are no strict rules one must follow to create artisan pizzas, many chefs have followed a standard recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation and even includes their own special touches to make it unlike any other pizza out there.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Artisan pizza is often made using locally sourced ingredients and fresh vegetables that are available in the area. It does not matter if this type of pizza is served at a family owned restaurant or even a big chain; each person who creates artisan pizzas puts their heart into it, making it a meal to remember forever.

The smell of freshly baked pizza dough is irresistible to anyone with a taste for adventure. Artisan pizzas are made from scratch and have thin crusts that can be chewy or crispy, depending on the style you order.

In some cases, these pizzas will have almost double the amount of toppings compared to regular slices. The crust itself may be folded over – like a calzone – or simply left as a large circular piece wrapped around all the goodness inside.

Artisan Pizza is an Art Because they are Traditional Hand-Made

Our Artisan Pizza place has a variety of hand-made pizzas that showcase the high level of craftsmanship and skill in pizza making. Each one is made with a personal touch as it’s carefully crafted to perfection, from dough choice to sauce creation. The result? A mouth-watering treat; now ready for you!

The artistry behind each pizza goes beyond just its delicious taste because every aspect reflects impeccable attention and care put into their creations, by our proud “Artisans.” All pies are handmade using only traditional methods of ingredients sourced locally and prepared on site ensuring they keep up absolute freshness throughout preparation and without any need for preservatives, which means all flavors burst together perfectly.

Traditional Italian Flour, Homemade Dough Taste

One of the best things about Artisan pizza is that it’s usually made with traditional Italian flour, giving it a homemade dough taste, that customers will love. The chefs are so dedicated to their craft and will knead the dough until they’ve perfected its consistency before topping it off with fresh ingredients for a mouth-watering result.

The dough is kneaded by hand, and the sauce made fresh from local produce. The result? A beautiful pizza with a true artisan’s touch!

Fermentation is a Key Component

For the perfect handmade Artisan pizza dough, fermentation is an essential part of the process. With yeast in your mixture and with enough time to rest or ferment, you’ll get fresher tastes as well as a better-quality crust!

For the best tasting homemade pizzas from scratch – especially if they’re extra cheesy and delicious like all good Italian food should be our chefs take extra care during the preparation phase by waiting for just enough time for fermentation.

Enjoy with Premium Meat or Veg!

Artisan pizza can be dressed up with premium meats such as steak, chicken, or even vegetables. Some varieties may include a variety of cheeses, seafood, and veggie toppings to give it that something extra special in each bite. It’s no surprise that vegetarians need some options too. These meat-free pizza toppings will keep your taste buds guessing while satisfying the needs for a hearty meal! Some delicious vegetarian topping ideas are pesto with white beans and tomato or artichoke hearts, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, Alfredo sauce, spinach, mushrooms, red bell peppers, and Asiago cheese. Garlic olive oil with Grúyere cheese, caramelized onions, and baked butternut squash Goat cheese with arugula and red onion and so much more.

While these pizzas took time to make, they are made fresh when ordered by the customer, so you don’t have to worry about reheating or waiting for delivery – the chef will prepare your artisan pizza once your order is placed. The best part? You get to enjoy every single bite of this incredible meal upon the first set of lips hitting the pie; there’s no need to share!

Why Choose Life Rooted Artisan Pizza

At Life Rooted Restaurant, we make artisan pizzas from scratch in our clean and comfortable kitchen with fresh ingredients. We have perfected the art of making pizza that is unique, delicious, and one-of-a-kind; each pie can be enjoyed by everyone within your party or family!

We are dedicated to creating a tasty meal that’ll bring out a side of you never knew existed – we want every single person who walks through our doors to walk away with something more than just a full stomach but rather the feeling of goodness and warmth inside them as they leave. Our entire team is committed to making sure each customer who comes into Life Rooted leaves happy with their experience here.

Artisan pizza isn’t ranked 3rd among all foods because it’s not ranked at all; it’s a dish that surpasses social media rankings and is better suited for human rankings. Life Rooted is proud to be a local family favorite restaurant in Burbank CA, and will continue to make fresh handmade artisan pizzas for you and your family.


We invite you to come in and try one of our delicious artisan pizzas made from scratch. You’ll be hooked!

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